Porcelain tiles are often left with cement chunks and grout spots after flooring. If these are not removed in time, they can affect the general appearance of the room. You have to wait for the grout to set and then clean the floor for the first time.

Since porcelain tiles are resistant to chemical corrosion it can be cleaned with strong detergents or concrete removers but be sure to read the cleaning product’s label carefully to check that it does not contain hydrogen fluoride, since it damages porcelain gres and other types of ceramic tiles. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions and ratio suggestions.

Before applying the product on the whole floor be sure to try it on a small area or on one of your extra tiles. Leave it for a while and see the final result.

Full body porcelain floors do not require special maintenance. Use very hot water and a neutral detergent in everyday cleaning. For anti-slip finishes it is recommended to dilute hydrochloric acid with water to facilitate the cleaning process.

Industrial cleaning machines that use hot water are ideal for large surface areas. Avoid wax polish or oily or coloured soap as they will leave a coat on the tiles that you will not be able to remove.

Polished porcelain tiles require more careful maintenance especially light coloured tiles as polishing increases slightly the tiles porosity. Porcelain polished tiles normally have a surface protector that makes cleaning easier. For everyday cleaning water is a good mopping solution for the tiles which will show their characteristic brightness.

Address any spills immediately  to avoid permanent stains!

To clean tiles installed in workshops, bars, industrial kitchens, .. you can always buy commercial cleaners that remove rubber, grease, paint, etc. Knowing the origin of the stains helps decide which solvent you should apply to remove it.

Although acid solvents (except those containing hydrogen fluoride)do not affect porcelain gres, they can be unsafe for both people and decorative or structural objects. Use them with caution.

Metal or decorative accessories should be handled with care during and after the tiling work. These materials do not have the same characteristics as porcelain gres and so abrasive products or corrosive chemicals can damage them.

Special doormats should be placed at the entrance of public buildings especially if they can be accessed directly from the street. Doormats prevent water, dust, snow, sand.. from entering the space and thus they extend the durability of the tiles.

This information is provided for guidance purposes only.