Age Blend blanco

 Age Blend blanco
  • Floor
  • Living area
  • Wall
  • Kitchen
  • High traffic
  • Retirement home
  • Car dealership
  • Office spaces
  • Plain
  • Concrete
  • Matt
  • Glossy
  • White
  • Light beige
  • 60x60

Pamesa is one of the biggest factories in Spain with a complete range of products for floor and wall. The group is in a ongoing state of evolution and is therefore able to provide the latest in tiles.

The Age Beton range is a full body range with a cement look and a slightly structured surface that can be used on the floor and wall ideal for your contemporary home. There are different designs in one box, each tile is different. Available in six colours.

Size:  60x60 natural, natural rectified and semi-polished

Thickness: 60x60:10.6mm


Skirting boards, corner pieces and stair treads are available.