Lovely Dolce

Lovely Dolce
  • Bathroom
  • Floor
  • Swimming pool
  • Outdoor
  • Living area
  • Wood
  • Matt
  • Anti-slip
  • Light beige
  • 15x78

Rosagres is specialised in ceramic tiles for swimming pools. Everything you need for the surface of public and private pools can be found here. They have 37 years of experience and research in the pool sector and have created projects all over the world.

The Lovely range is a wood imitation that can be used for the borders of swimming pools or locker rooms. The Floresta range is available in an indoor and outdoor version in 6 colours.

Available size :  15.25x78.25                           

 Thickness: 10mm

Skirting boards, pool trim pieces and grates with ceramic wood finish  available.